Nnoni was launched on 21st September 2008 by the promoters of Anjali Jewellers group. This is a chain store headed by Mr.Kunal Roy Choudhury who is the CEO of Nnoni with its head office in Kolkata which is in eastern India.

Nnoni has already started operations in various parts of Bengal and is the fastest growing retail chain of costume jewellery in Eastern India.


Nnoni already has ten stores and is growing rapidly and has plans to have a pan India presence in the near future.


Nnoni deals in mainly costume jewellery (more commonly known as 1 gram gold jewellery), pearl jewellery and silver jewellery. The reason for Nnoni being conceived was that a detailed market research revealed that the market for fashion jewellery was increasing rapidly where consumers were looking at jewellery which they could match with their clothes and wear and yet the prices of such jewellery had to be pocket friendly since these jewellery hardly have any retentive value.

Nnoni offers a varied range of jewellery which starts from as little as Rs.200.


The line of jewellery  which Nnoni offers can be worn at any place at any time as they have been created keeping today's women in mind. However some designs have a touch of tradition to it as the Indian consumer, though is very modern, their values are quite traditional in nature.


Nnoni's  popular tag line "Any Time" aims to capture the mind of the  Indian Consumers.